HBB On The New Silk Road

One Belt One Road


The Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the “One Belt One Road (Chinese:一带一路) or the Silk Road Economic Belt (Chinese: 丝绸之路经济带) is the development strategy adopted by the Chinese government involving infrastructure development and investments in countries in Europe, Asia, Russia, Middle-East and Africa.

"Belt" refers to the overland routes for road and rail transportation and is also called "the Silk Road Economic Belt". "Road" refers to the sea routes and is also referred to as the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” (21世纪海上丝绸之路).

HBB’s business originates in China, and spans globally into Eurasia, Russia, Europe and Middle East.

HBB offers tailormade leasing solutions which are especially suitable for the rail and maritime networks of China’s Belt & Road, also called the “New Silk Road”. This is China’s flagship project to revive and extend the ancient Silk Road trading routes which connect China with the rest of the world via networks of upgraded or new railways and ports.

HBB provides

HBB provides tailormade, flexible intermodal leasing solutions for all key overland and sea routes on this “New Silk Road”. Our fleet includes wide range of intermodal equipment including Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers and Tank Containers, which are available for use globally. HBB carries major stocks in all key demand locations along the New Silk Road in-and outside of China and can deliver equipment on short notice for any urgent needs.

Our intermodal fleet includes all types of Steel Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers and Tank Containers. Our main clients include international forwarders, railway operators and other logistic companies which are active on China’s new Silk Road.